Recovery is the word of the year as the steel industry comes roaring into 2021. With the third coronavirus vaccine now on the horizon, a calmer wave of steadily growing supply and demand will set the industry on the path to return to pre-pandemic levels.
In the world of city planners and commercial contractors, knowledge of which steel piping serves which purpose is essential. Not all pipes are created equal, and though we know the overall benefits of steel piping above others (sustainability, durability, and versatility), learning its applications for larger-scale projects can be challenging.
Every modern society faces the dual (and at times conflicting) ideals of economic growth and environment responsibility. Steel has played an enormous role in the world’s economic growth in helping build buildings, bridges, ships, trains, cars, machines, and more objects essential to the advancement of society. 
Look around the world, the economy, and just about every market and industry out there. You’ll see that the coronavirus pandemic has changed the world in virtually every way possible. The steel market is not exempt from this, with COVID-19 taking a significant toll on our industry.