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ASTM A333 Low Temperature Pipe Specifications

ASTM A333 (ASME S/A-333) Pipe grades permit low temperature service. This specification covers nominal (average) walled pipe almost exclusively in seamless. Several grades of ferritic steel are included.

Some product sizes may not be available under this specification because heavier wall thicknesses have an adverse effect on low-temperature impact properties. A333 pipe is furnished to Grades 3 and 1/6.

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Size Range

½” nominal - 36” OD

Wall Thickness

STD up to 4"

and Thicker Upon Request.


1 & 6

FSS - ASTM333 - Cyrogenic Units
Carbon Steel 1

ASTM A333 Mechanical Properties

PropertiesGrade 1Grade 6
Tensile Strength, min., psi, (MPa)55,000 (380) 60,000 (415)
Yield Strength, min., psi, (MPa)30,000 (205)35,000 (240)

CVN Impact (Charpy) Test

GradesMinimum ImpactTest Temperature
Grade 1-50 (F)-45 (C)
Grade 6-50 (F)-45 (C)

Note on Heat Treatment: Grades 1 and 6 shall be heat treated to control their microstructure.

ASTM A333 Chemical Properties

GradeC, max.MnP, max.S, max.Si, min.Cr, max.Cu, max.MoNiCb, max.V
Grade 10.300.40 - 1.060.0250.025-------
Note: This is similar chemistry to A53/SA53
Grade 60.300.29 - 1.060.0250.0250.100.300.400.120.400.120.08
Note: This is similar chemistry to A106/SA106

Note: This is summarized information from ASME Specification A333. Please refer to the specific Standard or Specification or contact us for more details.

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