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Carbon steel is more commonly used than any other metal, and has long been admired for its versatility and low cost.

  • ASTM SA/A106
  • ASTM A53
  • ASTM A333
  • API 5L

The benefits of alloy steel pipe include its tensile strength, yield strength, fatigue resistance, toughness, and wear resistance.

  • SA-335 P5, P9, P11, P22, P91
  • SA-213 T5, T9, T11, T22, T91
  • A519 4130, 4140/42
  • Rolled & Welded A-691

Stainless steel has remarkable attributes including corrosion resistance, high strength, durability, and machinability.

  • SA-312, SA-376, SA-213
  • Grades: 304, 316, 321, 347
  • Grades also available in L & H

We provide a complete line of fittings, flanges and related items to complement our seamless and welded pipe products.

  • All scheduled walls & heavier
  • All pressure ratings
  • Carbon, Chrome & Stainless

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Covering carbon, alloy and stainless steel in pipe, tube, fittings and flanges.

◎ Seamless pipe & products to 36″ O.D.

◎ Welded pipe and products to 60″ O.D.

◎ Offering all scheduled walls & unscheduled, heavy wall products

◎ Flanges and fittings to compliment

◎ Materials inventoried to: API, ASTM, ASME, NACE, DIN, AISI, MSS specifications*

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Production of steel pipe is generally grouped into two categories:

(1) Welded and (2) Seamless

There are many methods of producing steel pipe in current use, however, most of the pipe produced in the United States is made either by the seamless, electric resistance weld (ERW) or spiral weld methods.

Continuous weld and double submerged arc weld are other common methods of manufacture.

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Pipe Sizes

Federal Steel Supply provides a pipe chart for sizes of steel pipe 1/8” nominal to 48” Outside Diameter that illustrates nominal Pipe Size and Scheduled Walls as compared to actual outside diameter, wall thickness and weight/ft.

The left side of the pipe chart indicates the difference between the nominal and actual size.

Nominal sizes 1/8” through 12” are different from the actual outside diameter sizes (much like a 2 x 4 is not really 2 inches by 4inches). 

In sizes greater than 14”, the nominal size is the same as the measured O.D. size.

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Wall Thickness

While many other wall thickness can be manufactured by a mill somewhere in the world, any thickness that is not on the pipe chart is considered an “Unscheduled Wall” and would normally be available by special order.

Federal Steel Supply has extensive experience in providing machining services to achieve exact wall thickness tolerances or to meet minimum ID/OD requirements.

As the engineering designs become more involved and the end use more critical the demand has increased for material with a guaranteed “minimum wall thickness”.

Generally on 24” O.D. pipe and under, manufacturer tolerances are stated as -12.5% the nominal wall thickness.

Therefore, minimum wall thickness can usually be calculated as 12.5% under the average or nominal wall thickness.

For example, 2.500” nominal wall would approximate 2.188” min wall.

Depending on the application, Tubing specifications normally have much tighter wall tolerances then Pipe specifications.

Pipe can also be machined to achieve more exact wall thicknesses or minimum ID requirements.

AISI Pipe Schedule Numbers (5-XXH) correspond to the most widely recognized and produced wall thicknesses of steel pipe (not tube).

Schedule numbers include: 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, STD, 60, 80, XH, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH.

These “schedules” refer to a specific wall thickness in inches corresponding to a specific O.D. size in inches.

Please note schedule 40 (Sch 40) and standard (Std) are the same wall thickness through 10″ Pipe Size, while Sch 80 and XH are the same wall thickness through 8” Pipe Size.

Actual wall thickness are always written as “Decimal Parts” of an inch and are written to three decimal places (example: one inch wall is written 1.000”).

The method of manufacture and sizes described limit the wall thickness that can be produced (hence a 4 ½” O.D. pipe could not have a 3.000” wall).

Please review our pipe chart for more detail.

Commonly produced wall thickness for various methods of manufacture are as follows:
  • ERW - Sch 10, 20, 30, 40, STD, 60, 80, XH, .125”-.750”
  • DSAW - most schedules possible, .250”-2.000”
  • SMLS - all schedules possible, .065”- 4.000”
  • Spiral - lighter walls mainly, .109”- 1.000”
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