The steel industry is currently being affected by Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine and its myriad of knock-on effects.
All steel is not created equal. There are several different types of steel, including carbon steel, steel alloys, and stainless steel. Each of these have uses in different applications, and they are rated based on that application. Grading stainless steel falls to two different (and completely separate) organizations depending on how the steel will be...
Steel is renowned for its durability, hardness, and toughness. Frequently referred to as the “strongest alloy on Earth”, this versatile materials is technically a blend of iron and carbon, instead of a pure metal makeup. Conversely, natural metal that is sourced from the Earth has a built-in malleability, making it less strong than its steel...
Steel is always a hot commodity in the global market, but the demand for steel has increased by record amounts over the past two years, and shortages are causing market issues. Many buyers have expressed their concern about having enough steel for production needs in 2022. 
While the world focuses on sustainability and recycling, the truth is that barely eight percent of plastic is recycled. That’s compared to 93% of all structural steel, recycled back into new steel products, making steel one of the most recycled materials in the world. 
For decades, the steel industry has battled with environmental friendliness. The world’s leading steelmakers are bustling to reduce carbon emissions by revolutionizing their technologies. Currently, the steel industry is one of the top three most prominent carbon dioxide producers.
Recovery is the word of the year as the steel industry comes roaring into 2021. With the third coronavirus vaccine now on the horizon, a calmer wave of steadily growing supply and demand will set the industry on the path to return to pre-pandemic levels.
The steel industry is one sector that is bounding back with a vengeance from the prolonged slump brought on by the pandemic. In its early months, closures and the slow implementation of infectious disease management protocols in manufacturing plants severely delayed production.
The COVID-19 pandemic threw the world for a loop when it began to spread rapidly in March 2020. The world panicked, and everyone locked themselves indoors to stay safe. This resulted in a bonafide economic recession due to decreased consumer activity. 
Egypt has begun constructing another line of protection on its 7 mile border with Gaza. This recent addition was reported on 27th April 2020. Egypt’s construction of a steel wall has created much controversy in the region and worldwide.