In celebrating Earth Day this month, we’re able to reflect on the production and usage of steel and its environmental impact on the world.  Steel is a very popular building material for both residential and commercial structures, known for its incredible strength and durability. But, with each new year that passes, we are becoming increasingly...
Solar power is becoming a booming industry as more businesses and homeowners shift away from fossil fuels. Steel piping plays an essential role in the solar energy industry. In this post, we will explore how steel and steel piping is used to create a high-quality and sustainable energy system from start to finish.  What Is...
Steel’s legacy through human history has made long-lasting impacts on nearly every sector of our modern lives.  The Iron Age  Steel is one of the oldest documented materials used by humankind. Nearly 4,000 years ago was the beginning of the era now known as the Iron Age. Previously, many people were using bronze, but considering...
Steel is responsible for nearly 9% of carbon emissions worldwide because it has traditionally been heavily reliant on coal.
Designing and building your own home may seem like a dream for many, however, prefabricated buildings make it much more possible in terms of both time and budget.
Innovative plans are underway to reduce the environmental impact. Decarbonization refers to the process of reducing carbon in the atmosphere.
Steel is one of the most highly used metals in the modern world. Sky scrapers, tunnels, and bridges all use massive amounts of steel. Unfortunately, like many large industries, manufacturing creates high amounts of carbon dioxide, which contributes to air pollution and climate change.
While the world focuses on sustainability and recycling, the truth is that barely eight percent of plastic is recycled. That’s compared to 93% of all structural steel, recycled back into new steel products, making steel one of the most recycled materials in the world. 
For decades, the steel industry has battled with environmental friendliness. The world’s leading steelmakers are bustling to reduce carbon emissions by revolutionizing their technologies. Currently, the steel industry is one of the top three most prominent carbon dioxide producers.
Every modern society faces the dual (and at times conflicting) ideals of economic growth and environment responsibility. Steel has played an enormous role in the world’s economic growth in helping build buildings, bridges, ships, trains, cars, machines, and more objects essential to the advancement of society.