Nucor will be building the first wind-powered US steel mill plant, expected to open in Sedalia, Missouri. This plant is part of a partnership between Nucor and Evergy through a 75-megawatt power purchase agreement.
Steel is a worldwide staple. In fact, we use more than 1,600 million tons of steel per year. As you can imagine, producing that much steel eats up a lot of resources.
For decades, the goal of promoting clean, safe drinking water has inspired urban planners. Even today, millions of households lack this important commodity. Stainless steel currently serves as a powerful ally for ensuring high quality public water supplies in the United States and many other nations.
Steel is one of the strongest building materials. As a result, it withstands environmental and weather effects. It also saves on energy and minimizes waste. This makes steel one of the most eco-friendly building materials. Here is how.
Straws have definitely been causing a quite a stir lately. Pun completely intended. Plastic straws are everywhere. From the local coffee shop to our favorite smoothie place. Most of us pick up these items without even considering the environmental impact of one-time use plastic products. Unlike some other materials, plastic can take up to 1000...