Steel is one of the strongest building materials. As a result, it withstands environmental and weather effects. It also saves on energy and minimizes waste. This makes steel one of the most eco-friendly building materials. Here is how.

Meeting Standards and Codes of Green Building

A steel framed house is able to guarantee durability. You will be able to make an excellent return on your home’s investment due to its environmental resistance, unparalleled structural length, and minimal maintenance costs. Traditional wood-frame homes fail to satisfy the new environmental direction of the construction industry.

Cold-formed steel is recognized in all rating and green building programs. This means it is well positioned to meet the highest standards of sustainability. Such programs include the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program by the US Green Building Council and the residential buildings’ National Green Building Standard.

Steel is easy to recycle into new joints, studs, and other components utilized in the building of new structures. Keep in mind that steel is the only building material that possesses an automatic default value for recycled content. This means it is more sustainable compared to wood.

Resistance to Environment

Steel is great for numerous reasons, including its resistance to harboring mold. Steel frame homes require no special treatment to prevent insect infestation, mold, or decay. This is as a result of its inability to absorb moisture, which hosts bacteria that can be detrimental to health and safety.

Additionally, steel is resistant to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and snowstorms. Steel homes have a record of resisting earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.9 on the Richter scale. When it comes to floods, the BONE structure makes sure that the components of the shell consist of materials that are resistant to flood damage.

Since water damage is the central contaminant in a house that has been hit by a flood, using steel enables prevention of mold in a home. Through the construction of homes that are resistant to environmental impacts, buildings can thrive for hundreds of years.

Green Energy

Due to the strength of steel, steel homes are able to support solar panels without an issue. Solar panels make your home more valuable while minimizing your energy bill. A regular return on investment for this green energy is 15 to 20 percent. Additionally, this investment will keep growing since electricity costs are getting more expensive.

Low Cost of Energy

Steel is able to support thick insulation layers without reducing the integrity of the structure. When the insulation is thick, homes lose less heat during winter and can cool faster in the summer. In turn, this cuts down your energy costs. During winter, you can set the heat in your home lower than usual since there isn’t much heat being lost. A steel home with insulation can cut your energy expenses by at least 30 percent.

Waste Reduction During Building

For a steel building, every piece of steel is created, engineered, and delivered with a predetermined design and destination. It is personalized by structure, making it waste-free at the site. Contrary to this, wood is designed on the site, leaving a lot of waste.

Steel is unbeatable at the moment, as it proves its durability, reliability, and environmental sustainability.