The scorching heat of the summer is often welcomed after a long winter. While a warm summer day can be enjoyed outdoors, when you’re inside, you want a cool place to seek refuge from the sun’s rays.  If you work or live in a building that’s made from steel or other metals, the interior can...
Steel is a beautiful construction material that always catches the eyes of engineers and architects alike. Particularly, when architects decide to expose steel in their projects – both for functionality and aesthetic purposes – they turn to architecturally exposed structural steel (AESS).
In the world of city planners and commercial contractors, knowledge of which steel piping serves which purpose is essential. Not all pipes are created equal, and though we know the overall benefits of steel piping above others (sustainability, durability, and versatility), learning its applications for larger-scale projects can be challenging.
In the early years of baseball, the stadiums in which the games were played were largely made out of wood. But, this changed at the end of the 19th century. This is when so-called “jewel-box” stadiums began.
Recently, a polar vortex and record-breaking lows have swept the Midwest and East Coast. In turn, it’s causing the construction industry to take a closer look at structural steel’s advantages.