For most products, consumers have a choice between buying something that is made by an American company or a competing product made by a foreign company. While the foreign good may be cheaper, the American good is generally a higher quality item. What are some other good reasons why you should be buying American steel?

American Steelmakers Provide Jobs to Americans

Just like buying products from a local business keeps jobs in that area, buying steel made by American companies keeps jobs in America. When companies know that they can make both a great product and a profit at the same time, they are more likely to stay put. This reduces competition that American workers face and prevents downward wage pressure. When workers have jobs, they will spend the money that they earn on homes, cars and other goods that will also need to be produced in America.


Buying American Helps Domestic Companies Remain Competitive

In a global marketplace, opting to buy American helps to keep them competitive against overseas countries that may want to export their goods here. When American companies are making raw materials such as steel, it helps to create a stronger infrastructure for the country. Historically, the world has been a safer place when America has a strong domestic economy. In addition to being able to spend more on our military, it also allows us to spend more on aid to foreign nations and other financial incentives that will keep others from attacking ourselves or our regional interests.

Buying Domestically Shows That You Are a Proud American

Although nationalism has slowly waned as technology has made it easier to reach all parts of the globe, there is still something to be said for buying an American product. It means that you are proud to support the men and women who make the steel that you are planning to purchase. Furthermore, buying a product that has been made in America means that you are getting one of the highest quality products in the world.

Its the Law

The Buy American Statute requires all projects involving iron and steel to purchase those materials from American companies. If the metal is has not been manufactured into a specific shape before it is sent to the construction site, the law states that the preference is for that unmanufactured material to be produced in America. In addition, the iron and steel must have been mined in America and manufactured. This means that materials can’t be taken out of the ground, shipped overseas and then returned as a finished product.

If you are looking for steel, you should make it a point to buy from an American company. While it may cost more and may limit your options as to where you can source your product from, the benefits of doing so outweigh the possible drawbacks. In buying raw materials from America, you help to build a stronger economy as you build stronger bridges, buildings and other products that people will use every day.