When it comes to dealing with plumbing emergencies at home, preparedness is key. While you never know exactly what types of challenges to expect, it is always a good idea to have the right tools on hand for when the moment arises. Here are 5 handy tools that you will definitely want to have on hand for performing basic plumbing tasks.

Needle-nose Pliers

You can never go wrong with a pair of needle-nose pliers in your toolbox. This tool is great for detail work and can easily fit into tight spots. For repairs involving small parts or pieces, needle-nose pliers can help you grab hold of these components. Keep in mind that needle-nose pliers come in several different sizes, so be sure to keep several on hand for different plumbing projects.

Plumbing Tape

Plumbing tape is another must-have for DIY plumbing kits. Commonly referred to as “teflon tape”, this tape can be used to create a strong seal on threaded pipes. It can also come in handy for a variety of other plumbing projects. This would come in handy when tackling projects involving showerheads or faucet supply lines. For best results, remember to start with a clean, dry surface whenever possible. When wrapping the tape around pipes, be sure to wrap it several times heading away from the end of the pipe as you go.

Plumbers Putty

Plumbers putty is a quick setting, easy-to-mold compound that can be used to create a water-resistant seal on an unpressured joint. Since plumbing leaks are among the most common plumbing issues, plumbers putty is an essential tool to have. The putty is typically softened before use, creating a pliable and flexible material. In its softened state, plumbers putty can be applied fairly easily. This tool is inexpensive and easily available at most hardware stores. It would be especially useful for projects involving sealing faucets, frames and sink drains.

Basin Wrench

Also known as a sink wrench, a basin wrench is a special plumbing tool that can be used in hard to reach places and confined spaces. The wrench is inexpensive and easily adjustable to use in various places. Unlike a regular wrench, a basin wrench is uniquely designed to turn fasteners that could not be reached by other types of wrenches. This tool is especially effective for tightening threaded nuts which are often located in spaces that are inaccessible for other tools.

Caulk Gun

From repairing a shower seam to installing a brand new ceramic sink, there are lots of reasons to keep a caulk gun around. This tool can be used to seal cracks, patch holes or create a waterproof barrier in the corners of tubs and showers. While caulking guns are very easy to use, knowing how to properly use one can prevent lots of unnecessary messes down the line.

Whether your goal is to change a faucet or install a brand new sink, these 5 tools can help you get the job done. Each tool offers unique advantages that will help you perform basic do it yourself plumbing projects.