Steel is created from iron and other materials. It’s often easier to recycle steel than to mine new ore for the production of steel. Many industries recycle more steel than produce new steel. Old automobiles, steel containers and appliances contribute to the recycling process and help produce recycled steel. Steel doesn’t degrade during the recycling process, which makes it a great material to reuse and recycle.

From fenders to car bodies, steel is used in most of the manufacturing of automobiles. Approximately 65% of a vehicle is made of steel. It’s considered one of the strongest materials as well as being affordable for the production of vehicles and its many parts. Old automobiles can be recycled to make new automobiles since the material doesn’t degrade during the recycling process. Other recycled materials cannot boast the same claims. Aluminum can’t be recycled from cars, made into cans then recycled into cars again. The product degrades too much during the process.

Artistic Endeavors
Steel can be used in the production of outdoor road signs, entryway signs for businesses and beautiful steel sculptures. Many handmade art is created using steel. Outdoor steel art can withstand the elements and provide a sculpture that can last for many years. In many communities, recycled steel is used to create stunning sculptures that have an added bonus of providing a message about recycling itself.

Home Furniture and Appliances
Steel furniture is durable and long lasting. Tables, chairs and couches can have steel legs that provide a solid base. Sleek and modern furniture pieces will often have steel in their designs from the legs to the entire piece depending on the style. Contemporary home offices will feature sleek desks with modern cabinets, which are all made of steel. It’s also used in lighting fixtures. Stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers all have steel in their construction. Typically, 75% of a home appliance is made of steel.

Along with aluminum, steel is a common ingredient used in food packaging. Many canned goods are made of 100% recycled steel. From the moment metal is sent to the recycling center until the goods appear on the store shelves can range from a month to less than two months. Recycling steel for food packaging uses less energy than creating new steel too.

Building Materials
Steel is used in office building construction in the form of steel beams and other internal supports. It’s used in lighting fixtures and roofing as well. Duct work used in the building’s heating and cooling system is made from steel. It’s a durable metal used in many construction projects. Other types of structures can use steel in their production like pre-fabricated sheds and buildings. Farms use prefabricated buildings for their food production.

As a metal, steel is one of the most recycled materials. Automobile manufacturers have been recycling steel for years. because it can reliably be used over and over again. It’s cheaper to recycle steel than it is to mine for new ore for the production of steel.