SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently announced the launch of a “Stainless Steel Starship”. The test spaceship’s real time development was shared on December 24, 2018. This was in the wake of Musk’s tweet that the company’s “radically redesigned” design was ready to launch by January 2019.

It didn’t take long for the announcement and images of the launch site to be spread all over the internet.

SpaceX Stainless Steel Spaceship Looks Magnificent to Say the Least

The ship was built in Boca Chica, TX, which is home to SpaceX’s spaceport since 2014. The stainless steel spaceship looks like a sight to behold under the gleaming sun.

While people feasted their eyes on these visual treats, Musk and company prepared another update. In the form of a visual render, they demonstrated what the spaceship would look like once finished.

The new image was shared by the inventor just this Saturday. It has since gained more than 100,000 likes on Twitter. That’s for good reason as well, since the render of the finished ship looks right out of a science fiction movie.

SpaceX’s Reputation is Riding on this Test Launch

Finishing the mission without repeating the flaws that SpaceX’s previous test launch experienced in 2016 is crucial to the company. This is especially after said launch was a failure of such epic proportions, that it also took down Facebook’s first satellite with it.

It is essential that this test spaceship, which will be vital to SpaceX’s famed future mission to Mars, goes without any issues.

Needless to say, the same thought seems to be appearing in the minds at SpaceX. The company is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that this test launch is as smooth as possible.

Stainless Steel Versus Carbon Fiber

When asked why SpaceX chose to ditch carbon fiber in favor of stainless steel, the ever effervescent founder of the company was quick to share his views.

According to Musk, the usable strength and weight of “full hard stainless steel” is better than carbon fiber. He mentioned that stainless steel’s performance at high temperatures is significantly better. This difference in performance makes the increased weight of stainless steel worth it during space program launches.

Stainless steel by design weighs more than its counterparts, such as carbon fiber. However, in terms of performance in industrial and long-term usage scenarios, it outperforms them by a large margin.

This points to the increased usage of stainless steel in future projects by other space programs. It may not be limited to SpaceX’s ambitious lineup of launches.

This Puts Providers Like Federal Steel at the Forefront

Needless to say, this makes stainless steel providers, such as Federal Steel Supply, Inc, leaders in their industry. Fed Steel’s products are  all based on the merit and performance of the rust-resistant alloy.

Whether it is being used in steel-walled pipes or in high-end structures (i.e. spaceships), the material promises durability that is hard to find elsewhere.

With these recent developments, the future proves to be positive for stainless steel on a global scale.