Since modern processing methods began in the 1800’s, steel has become one of the most versatile materials the world has ever known.

Steel is used in thousands of different product and processes. Although it is widely used for construction, steel is also used for a variety of other purposes.

Although plastics and other metals have been developed to provide similar characteristics, steel is still the number one choice for durability, strength and reliability.

The versatility of steel allows it to be used in many creative ways to enhance the design and beauty of interior and exterior spaces.


Steel is a good material for the manufacture of different types of furniture. Although most people are familiar with steel patio furniture, they may not be aware that steel can also be used to make exquisite custom furniture pieces to fit a particular area of the home or to serve a particular purpose.

Steel bases are a familiar sight for marble, wood or glass tabletops, but other materials can make creative accompaniments for steel, such as ceramic tile, river rock, mosaics and combinations of other metals. Steel’s strength and durability make it a natural for home furnishings.

Architectural Details

Steel can also be used to enhance the design of buildings to give them a more distinctive, artistic look. Circles, scrollwork, geometric patterns or logos can help to make buildings recognizable in a city’s architecture and can help businesses present themselves as a notable presence in the community.

Steel can be worked into any type of design and can be colored or finished in innumerable ways to provide a unique look that lasts for many years.

Garden Structures

Steel is often used to create unique and interesting garden structures such as trellises, arbors and pergolas that serve a useful purpose in addition to being an attractive addition to outdoor areas. Steel trellises can be made in any size to support vines of all kinds.

Arbors can serve as pleasant walkways in garden areas. Pergolas can help to provide shade in sunny areas. Steel’s versatility allows it to be worked into either traditional or ultra-modern designs. Steel garden structures can be finished in any color or left as a metallic color to provide whatever effect the homeowner prefers.

Sculpture and Artwork

Steel is one of the most common materials used in the metal sculpture you see at art shows and in community plazas.

Steel is malleable via a number of industrial processes, such as welding, grinding, drilling, forging, sawing and routing. The design can be worked directly on the steel instead of being first made on a casting, such as in cast bronze sculpture.

Steel is inexpensive enough to allow artists to create large, imposing pieces that last for years. Steel can also be repaired easily, which makes it a popular choice for civic art projects.

Many artists choose to incorporate other materials, such as copper, bronze, brass, plastics or glass into their steel sculptures. Steel allows them this versatility because of its modern look and malleability.