Steel and other metalwork can allow for a wide range of creative costume ideas. Using just the right pieces and materials can allow you to transform even a mundane costume into a creation that will be truly unforgettable. With a few simple tools and instructions, you may find that armoring a knight or assembling a gown and corset suitable for a damsel in distress to be an easier and more rewarding undertaking than you would have expected.

Knights, Samurai and Armored Warriors

Armored warriors are a popular Halloween choice, especially for those who are interested in the challenge of working with new materials or creating more authentic results. While armors made from painted cardboard, foam and other materials may seem like an easier option, your end result could end up feeling more slap-dash and silly than heroic. With a few sheets of steel, some aviation snips and a some common household hand tools, you may be able to create more authentic chest plates, helmets and costumes that range from King Arthur to Don Quixote.

Cosplay Characters

The growing popularity of Manga, video game characters and conventions means that Halloween is no longer the only occasion that may call for a costume. Steel is a versatile and easy to work with material that can add a more authentic touch to many cosplay outfits and costume ideas. From a Konaha ninja forehead protector to Elizabeth’s corset, working with steel means that your next cosplay project will only be limited by your imagination.

Using Steel Hoops and Boning to Create Victorian Dresses and Corsets

Lightweight and sturdy, steel is the perfect material for creating voluminous garments and form-fitting corsets. Whether you are trying to create a ball gown worthy of Marie Antoinette or attending your next Halloween party as a comic-book vixen, learning how to craft your own steel-bone garments can provide you with plenty of wardrobe options.

Steel Chains for Monsters and Ghosts

Sometimes, its the simplest touches that make for a great costume. From Marley’s ghost to Frankenstein’s monster, steel chains can provide a more substantial and authentic highlight for a range of ghoulish costumes. Available at any hardware store, steel chains can be cut to length and offer the perfect accessory for those who lack the crafting skills to take on more ambitious projects. When used sparingly and with an eye towards safety, a few well chosen links can provide your finished costume with an authentic rattle that no plastic chain will be able to rival.

Spaceman, Robots and Science Fiction Characters

From cutting edge space marines to the retro robots that dominated the golden age of science fiction, a little simple metalwork can help you to create a costume that is truly out of this world. Steel sheets are easy to cut and fasten, and once you have tested out a few cardboard patterns, you may find yourself creating space man and alien creatures in no time at all. The best materials can make all the difference when it comes to creating a do-it-yourself costume that is sure to impress.