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Steel is commonly used in the armed forces due to its incredible resilience against weaponry like bullets and even some blasts. It is used both as a protective material and in the creation of certain products like missiles.  

All the military forces, including the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard, use military-grade steel in one form or another during their service. 

Military Steel Grades

Steel is used and trusted for its durability in many sectors of the military. It is commonly used in defense items like tanks. The two most important factors regarding military steel are its strength and ballistic limit. 

In general, ballistic steels act as a super protective barrier against most weaponry. The steel is first heated and then chilled to create a hardening effect that withstands the massive impacts. Not only is ballistic steel strong, but it is also flexible, durable, and can be morphed into a wide variety of necessary items. 

Typically, military grades are A36 Low-Carbon Steel, AR400 Abrasion Resistant, AR500 Abrasion Resistant, MIL-46100 Military Grade, MIL-12560 Military Grade, and MIL-46177 Military Grade. Each grade has a different BHN, or its ability to handle intense abrasion. They also undergo ballistic testing to determine the velocity a weapon needs to go to penetrate the material.

Out of the listed military grades, the most common are the MIL-A-46100, MIL-A-12560, and MIL-A-46177.

The MIL-A-46100 is usually used when shielding is needed against intense projectiles like firing from snipers. 

The MIL-A-12560 is used in defense technology, like protection against explosives and in the creation of tanks. It is designed to resist large amounts of shock and ballistic penetration.

The MIL-A-46177 is a bit thinner and is typically used for shields, armor, and smaller combat vehicles. 

The Use of Steel in Defense

Steel is a crucial material for the defense supplies that protect the armed forces in the United States. Not only is it high quality, but it is often a more economical choice. Steel can be used in combat products like submarines, aircraft, armor, and artillery. 

For example, The USS George H. W. Bush, which carries military aircraft, has 47,000 tons of steel incorporated into its design. The USS New York uses 7.5 tons of steel that were reused from the Twin Towers after their destruction.

 Steel is used around the country as a trusted material to protect military personnel and implement strategic defense. It is an absolutely necessary material for America’s defense. 

General Applications

There are even more uses for steel, like ships, vaults, in-transit vehicles, and security doors, which are all often made from this metal. American infrastructure, like bridges, tunnels, pipelines, and railroad tracks, all rely on steel as well. It is flexible enough to suit a wide variety of needs. 

The steel industry is incredibly important to the American economy and to the continued success of homeland security. No one can deny that the production and crafting of this material are essential to continuing the development of American technology and infrastructure, as well as military protection.