“We will make America great again,” when President Donald Trump said this, he had one goal in mind – to make America a superpower again. Known as one of the richest billionaires in America and the owner of the Trump Empire, it’s no surprise how well versed the president is regarding business.
Indeed, a nation’s economy is a crucial aspect of its development. As part of the president’s development plan, he wants America to start with the smallest and to use to the greatest extent of the nation’s products. Undeniably, the country makes the most out of steel. Its skyscrapers and infrastructures have all been constructed using steel. Consequently, this is where the President started his plan for a greater America.

America for Americans

With President Trump’s executive order of “Buy American, Hire American,” steel analysts were left puzzled about the steps the government will take and whether this law would make a change in production and employment. This provision is already in the US Law, but there is a difficulty in thorough implementation because grants are given to US counterparts.

The government wanted to emphasize on putting favors in local companies, especially in the steel business. However, Charles Bradford criticized the order as he stressed that this does not include other steel products that are not made in the US. He foresees that if this rule is not implemented properly, it could cause serious damage in the steel import industry.

The Wall and Pipe: Solid Steel

In connection to this, steel industries are in the hot seat since they’re the first target of the government. Earlier, the President strongly pushed on the memoranda against immigration. This has led to the construction of the border wall and controversial pipelines projects – Dakota Access and Keystone XL. Though the border project is still in wet ink, House Representative is slowly laying down their cards to seal the deal.

Investigation of the US Government

An investigation was launched by the government to identify the possible effects of this move to national security. President Trump stated that foreign countries had made the US their steel dumping site after a vast amount of imports to the US. He added that steel is vital to the economy and military, which is why it’s not an aspect that the country should be dependent on others. In 2001, the Commerce Department looked into the case and discovered that there is no national security threat created by steel imports.

However, some people doubt the feasibility of the move, stressing that the government should be accountable for any threat that may arise.

Bring Back Steel

As part of his developmental plan, President Trump emphasized that pipelines should be made of steel. As a result, this has sparked controversy as the government allegedly declined the Keystone XL stating that it’s a foreign-owned company. However, the cabinet members did not agree to this move because foreign steel is much cheaper than the locally produced.

The president still wanted the US made steel to be laid as pipelines, but this was refuted because they were referring to the new, repaired and expanded pipelines.

Conclusion: With this step, it’s no secret that the president is already making moves to transform his words into actions. The steel industry is one of the core foundations of the nation as most of the other industries depend on it.