Having the ability to reuse steel building components, and re-erect them on a different site is a cost effective method of construction. New steel structure components that can be assembled and disassembled give you the flexibility to move the structure. Constructing demountable steel structures and designing new buildings and adapting recycled steel construction components into new designs has become an effective means of reusing steel in construction.

1,906 metric tons of crude steel was produced in 2013. Due to the recyclability of steel, this number is less than it could be. Although steel is an environmentally friendly product, because of the strides made by the industry to reduce dust during production. As with all of our natural resources, however, anytime we can reuse a product we have made a move to protect the environment.

Reusing steel in demountable steel structures is a step in the right direction. Sixty nine percent of all steel is recycled in America each year. Without the steel recycling effort, it would be necessary for more steel to be mined to meet the needs of commerce.

Not a New Concept

The patent for demountable steel structures dates to the early 1940’s but has not been widely utilized in an organized manner. By building structures that can be dismantled at the end of their useful life, the components can then be reassembled where they are needed or incorporated into a new design.


Because steel building members have barcodes for identification, the ability to track steel for a specific use is simplified. Steel manufacturers can now stock disassembled buildings and building components and work with architects to construct new buildings for product that might have been scrapped.

Erector Sets

Steel structures have been used effectively for many years. The green factor of demountable steel structures goes without saying. Anytime that you can reuse a product as opposed to developing the components from scratch, you are saving time, money and the cost and waste of production of the product.

The fact that steel structures are often shipped to the sight as components lowers waste on the work site, and assures a building that will fit together properly and quickly. Disassembling steel structure buildings allows you to take the same building and move it somewhere else saving you money on the cost of the structure.


The only factors of demountable steel structures is what do you need it for and how big do you want your structure to be. Lightweight steel construction and components give you a great deal of design flexibility. Companies that are in the business of constructing steel buildings are on the leading edge of where the concept of demountable steel structures will go in the future.