Construction industry positions are in increasing demand due an ever expanding infrastructure. The U.S. construction industry is positioned to see measurable growth  in various sectors.

Most sought after construction positions require a combination of skill, experience, education, and training. The list includes managers, architects, and engineers.


Construction managers get involved with the project from its initial and strategic beginning right up to completion, while navigating an on-going relationship with the general labor force, construction engineers, contractors, architects, ever-questioning clients, and financial specialists.

Qualifying for the position of construction manager includes obtaining a degree in construction science, construction management, or civil engineering along with actual construction experience. New managers usually are initially employed as interns.

Recent reports forecast a huge spike in the number of manager jobs available in the coming years.


Construction architects assume a major role in designing, ensuring adherence to safety standards, and the delivery of an efficient product. They collaborate with clients and establish construction and budgetary guidelines. Architects must assess the construction project prior to the initial stages of the work and formulate details that will determine the final construction output.

A career as a construction architect requires a professional architectural degree, which takes five years to complete and is designed for students with no architectural training.

Several indicators point to a steady growth in spending for construction in connection with non residential projects.


A construction engineer, also known as a civil engineer, delves into a world of initiating the preparation of blueprints and providing oversight during the actual building phase of the project. A construction engineer also helps to ensure the coordination of adequate manpower, sufficient resources, applicable construction guidelines, and adequate safety standards until a project has reached completion.

Training for a position as a construction engineer can require a degree in civil engineering, construction engineering, and/or specialized training gleaned through years spent as construction industry experts such as engineering technicians or supervisors. Certification is required for this profession and is obtained through the passing of an examination.

Indicators suggest that construction industry employees who are skilled in their trade are very much needed to accommodate the requirements of the ‘Boomers’ and the ‘Millennials’.