Fabrication and Construction

Fabrication and Construction

Federal Steel Supply – The One-Stop Pipe Source for Fabricators … Worldwide.


Pipe Fabricators throughout the world know Federal Steel Supply as a dependable supplier of heavy-wall steel pipe, fittings and flanges.  From general needs to exact requirements for on-site construction or fabrications, we will work with our customer to meet their needs.

Our large selection of carbon and alloy steel pipe and strong relationship with several manufacturers give us the flexibility to engage in complex projects and difficult deliveries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When NASA’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA needed a trusted partner in constructing the LAS Pathfinder, the engineers turned to Federal Steel Supply.  Our sales professionals worked with NASA in not only selecting the appropriate pipe for the 45’ mock-up rocket, but also with machining to exact specifications, sandblasting, coating, boring, and welding to meet precise requirements.  The LAS Pathfinder was used in training for the Orion project, and the expert service of Federal Steel helped make this mission a success.


When forest fires burned a large portion of an elevated timber flume structure used to convey water to a powerhouse, the cost-benefit analysis determined that an inverted 48” steel pipe siphon was the best replacement.  Federal Steel supplied over 2000’ of 48” pipe with custom coatings on the OD and ID for the project.  Each piece was double mitered and beveled on each end and numbered for sequential delivery by helicopter for its’ final installation.