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How COVID-19 Will Affect the Steel Industry

3d rendering robot assembly line in car factory

COVID-19’s sweep through the globe has prompted international responses on a scale that we have seldom seen outside of wartimes — and war has been declared on the deadly virus. The impact of the virus cannot be fully measured at this time, as the U.S. has not yet reached the peak of infections that are guaranteed to overwhelm the healthcare system. 


The Steel House that Wanders Lubbock

worker sawing metal with a saw, sparks fly

Perched on cliffy terrain above Lake Ransom Canyon in Lubbock, Texas, it could be prehistoric; it could be alien.  But based on the preferences of its former owner, designer, and builder all wrapped up in one, it’s likely an homage to Antoni Gaudi, the Spanish architect who built but never finished Sagrada Familia.